Blind Bidding Waivers & First Come First Serve

a) Any player not on a roster, DTS, or IR are considered a Free Agent.

b) All free agents not selected in the auction are handled by the blind bidding waiver process, utilizing blind bid waiver dollars.

c) All teams will use their salary cap for Blind Bidding.

g) Between the end of the free-agent auction and the start of the first week 1 game, free agent acquisitions can be made every 2 weeks via the Blind Bid waiver periods as defined in the league calendar.

h) Commencing Week 1 of the NFL regular season and ending at the commencement of Week 1 games, there will be 4 waiver periods each week as defined in the league calendar.

The 1st Blind Bid Waivers period starts from the kickoff of 1pm Sunday games and will end on Wednesday.

The 2nd period will be on a First Come First Served (FCFS) basis. This will run from Wednesday until Thursday evening prior to kick off of Thursday night football.

The 3rd is a Blind Bid Waivers period starting on Thursday and will end on Saturday.

The 4th period will be on a First Come First Served (FCFS) basis. This will run from Saturday until the 1pm kickoff of Sunday games. Please refer to the league calendar for details.

i) There is a $1 minimum on all waiver transactions, whether through blind bidding or FCFS.  Therefore, if you spend all of your budget before the end the season, you WILL NOT be able to acquire free agents. You may not be able make future roster moves even when an accidental drop has occurred.  Please keep this in mind.

j) From the commencement of Week 17 games, free agent pick-ups will be suspended until after the free agent auction.

k) The commissioner will only accept free agent acquisition requests on the forms provided on the league website.

l) The commissioner will only accept email from the owner if the league website is down.

m) Each team will be able to acquire an unlimited amount of free agents per week/year dependent on roster space limits & Salary Cap Room.

n) Once the owner makes a waiver request, the owner cannot rescind or replace it with another request after the bidding deadline.

o) Free agent waiver requests are to be submitted as per the time frames specified in the league calendar.

p) Managers may only extend TWO waiver pickup per season. All other waiver pickups get a one-year contract. Other players picked up on waivers may only be extended with a transition or franchise tag.