Transition Tags

B) Transition Tags (Secured & Unsecured):

1) During the off-season, an owner may choose to keep 2 current season free agent(s) by using the transition tag. Head Coaches are not eligible for transition tags.

2) In order to qualify for the transition tag, the player must be on the owner’s current season roster and the player’s contract will expire on March 1st.

3) There are two types of transition tags that managers may choose from: Secured & unsecured.
– Secured Transition Tags
a) If a team owner applies the secured transition tag to an applicable player, that player automatically signs a 1-year agreement with the team. There will be no bidding on a player being tagged with the secured transition tag

b) The secured transition tagged player will automatically become an Unrestricted Free Agent when his contract expires. This condition still applies if the player is subsequently traded before the contract extension deadline meaning that this player cannot have his transition tag contract extended.

c) The team will pay the average salary of the top 20 of highest paid players in his position for the prior year’s salary, or the player’s prior year salary plus 20%, whichever is higher.

– Unsecured Transition Tags

a) If a team owner applies the unsecured transition tag to an applicable player, that player may be bidded on by other managers in June. The commissioner will announce all dates and deadlines for the unsecured transition tags.

b) Unsecured transition tagged players will be grouped into 3 separate tiers. The tiers will be based on position & players’ previous season’s salaries from highest to lowest.  If there is only one player at a certain position, his tier will be based strictly on where his salary fits. Any discrepancy in the order will be decided on by the commissioner.

For Example: QB 1 ($150), QB 2 ($120), QB 3 ($100), WR 1 ($160), WR 2 ($140), WR 3 ($100), WR 4 (80), TE 1 ($125), RB 1 ($125), RB 2 ($110) RB 3 ($90), LB 1($80), DT 1 ($40)

Tiers would be as follows:

Tier 1: QB 1($150), WR 1 ($160), WR 2 ($140) RB 1 ($125), TE 1 ($125)

Tier 2: QB 2($120), RB 2 ($110), WR 3 ($100), LB ($80)

Tier 3: QB 3 (100), WR 4 ($80), RB 3($90), (DT ($40)

b) Bidding will be done in three separate stages. The first stage will be players in tier 1, the second stage will be players in tier 2, and the final stage will be players in tier 3.

After the bidding for a tier is complete, the owners of those players will have around 24-72 hours to make their decision (The commissioner will announce a deadline). The manager with the player with the highest/higher bid on him will be required to announce his decision first if requested by any manager in his tier whom has a player who has a lower bid on him. Should a manager’s decision be based on the manager before him he can make his decision contingent on the manager before him. If the owner does not respond by the deadline set by the commissioner the current high bidder will win that player and the commissioner may allow the other managers to make their decision after the manager in front of them. The next tier’s bidding will not commence until the previous tier is fully completed.

c) Bidding on unsecured transition tags begins at $1, and will follow auction rules with the winner holding highest bid for 12 hours in which the auction for that player is then over. The current owner has the right to match the offer, but receives no compensation if they choose to not match. However, Please note that the unsecured tag bidding will NOT be proxy bidding. This is to ensure the highest bid is the one that must be matched rather then the highest second bid.

d) Owners can receive a discount on a player when they apply an unsecured transition tag.  If nobody bids on the transition player, the current owner retains them for $1.

e) The current owner may sign a tagged player for 1-3 years.  A new owner may sign the player for 1-5 years.  The team does not have to state the length of the contract until the July 31st deadline stated on the league calendar.

f) An owner may only transition tag a player 1 time, so if they transition a player or match the offer on a player, that player automatically becomes a FA at the end of the new contract.