15-A) Trading 

a) Trading is allowed year round except from the end of week 12 – week 16, until the completion of the league championship game. Check league calander for exact dates

b) Trading will only be allowed between teams that are paid in full for the current season.

c) To trade all your picks for one season you must have paid in full for the next two future seasons.  Example: In 2013, to trade all of your 2014 draft picks you must have paid for the 2014 and 2015 seasons. This is meant to protect the league from owners abandoning teams in a bad position making it more difficult to find a replacement owner. This rule ensures the longevity of the league.

d) You may not trade in the off-season until you have paid for the upcoming year meaning that both teams must be paid up in full to complete a trade.

e) Owners are responsible for responding to trade offers from other owners in a timely manner.

15-B) Challenging Trades 

a) In the event that a manager feels a trade has been made that violates the integrity of the league, he may challenge the trade by posting on the message board “Challenge Trade” within 7 days of the trade.

b) This manager must post a message topic explaining his concerns about this deal. Please note that vulgarity will not be tolerated. We will deal with this in a calm and rational manner abiding by the code of conducts.

c)  After making his case, the commissioner will put the trade up for vote. In order to overturn the trade the vote must be over 50% in favor.

d) Each manager will have one challenge a year. If his challenge does not result in the trade being overturned, he will be out of challenges for that season.

e) If a manager’s challenge is successful, he will be granted an additional challenge.

15-C) Trading Mistakes – 

a) In the event a team has approved a trade by mistake or there was an error in the league software, the player will have a 15-20 minute window to post a topic on the message board explaining what happened. The commissioner will use his best judgment in this case. The commissioner reserves the right to put this up for a vote, but in cases where it is blatantly obvious a mistake is made, he will reverse the trade.

b) If the manager who made the mistake doesn’t immediately post the trading error on the message board, the commissioner will not review.

c) A player changing his mind about a trade is not an acceptable means to overturn. It has to be a blatant mistake such as hitting the wrong button. A mistake such as this would result in a manager immediately taking action to show that it was a mistake from the get-go.

d) Injuries are not suitable excuses.