The MDL leagues are the most fun I’ve had in fantasy football. MDL4 has constantly active owners who are always looking to trade, with a great knowledge of the game.  Chris is a brilliant commissioner that you can always trust and the leagues have fantastic interactivity with the GroupMe pages.

Andy - Spectral Transmissions (MDL 4)

I’ve always thought that redraft leagues were fun, but not challenging enough. I really wanted to test my capabilities and see what I can do. MDL Leagues are by far the most challenging leagues I have ever participated in, and I never thought fantasy football could be this fun. I would highly recommend MDL to anyone looking for a true GM experience.

Keith Roller-ALL HAIL THE MAGIC CONCH! (MDL5), Breddy Tidgewater (MDL4), Suck it Trebek (MDL 1)

My Dynasty Leagues are the best leagues I have ever played in. I am in two IDP Dynasty Auction Leagues and will never go back to any standard redraft leagues or dynasty leagues. The scoring formats and salary structure in these leagues are the closest thing to the NFL’s actual structure that you will see. These leagues are so well thought out that managers are active year round. The slow drafts are very entertaining and provide for lots of trading. There are so many other features such as transition and franchise tags that make these leagues levels above the rest. You won’t regret joining a MDL league.

Dan Kraemer – Honey Badgers (MDL 1, MDL 3, MDL 4, MDL 5)

Hi , I am in 5 MDL leagues , MDL are honest and trustworthy leagues and I have nothing but good too say about them. Chris the commissioner of these leagues is a good, honest and fair commissioner the listens to everyone’s opinions and concerns and always makes the right decision when it comes to the rules and regulations of these leagues. I have enjoyed every one of these leagues and will continue to enjoy them as long as Chris is the commissioner! And because of him I joined two more after the initial first one.

Travis Tammen- 12th man (MDL 1, MDL 2, MDL 3, MDL 4, & MDL 5)

MDL 2 has been an absolutely awesome experience so far in its short time of existence. It is by far the most active league I have ever been a part of. It is impressive how many owners are aggressively making moves to improve their teams and thinking fantasy football even during the winter months. A great commissioner keeps everything running very smooth for those owners. The format of MDL leagues challenges you in ways that most other fantasy leagues don’t even touch. It really is the closest thing to feeling like an actual NFL general manager. If you are looking for a competitive dynasty league look no further, these are the perfect leagues to test your fantasy game.

Scott Waite – Toss Sweep Singles (MDL 2)

My Dynasty League has been everything I’d hoped and more. The reliability of the site, activity of other owners, and intricacies of managing my team were everything I love about fantasy football. I’ve just finished my first year of my first league, and I’m looking to join more.

Eli Moffett– Fighting Quakers (MDL 3)

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