Rosters & Starting Lineups

Rosters, Starting Lineups

a) 53 players will make up a complete roster. Each team is only allowed to have a maximum of 2 head coaches per team. After that, the only minimum requirement of a roster is the ability to fulfill the starting lineup requirements.
b) 22 players and 1 Head Coach make up a valid starting Lineup (23), consisting of the following positions:.

Starting Lineup Requirements
1 Head Coach (HC)
1 Quarterback (QB)
2 Running Back (RB)
3 Wide Receiver (WR)
1 Tight End (TE)
1 Flex (RB/WR)
1 Flex (WR/TE)
1 Point Kicker (PK)
1 Punter (PN)
2 Defensive End (DE)
1 Defensive Tackle (DT)
3 Linebacker (LB)
2 Safety (S)
2 Cornerback (CB)