Rookie Taxi Squad Players (RTS)

11) Rookie Taxi Squad Players (RTS)

a) Owners may designate 10 rookie players from their team to the Rookie Taxi Squad (RTS) for development purposes. These players will be in addition to the 53 main roster players.

b) The players will have a salary determined either by their draft position or by the free agent auction price.

c) They will have contract years determined either by the fact that they were drafted (4 years), or by the length of the contract specified after winning the auction.

d) The players salaries will increase by 20% each year just as every player, and their contracts will decrease by a year each March 1.

e) Players on the RTS will count 25% towards the salary cap. This enables you to let rookies develop into their potential before deciding what to do with them.

f) The team owner is responsible for demoting/promoting any drafted rookies or rookies acquired in the free agent auction to the RTS via league software within 1 week from the conclusion of the Unrestricted Free Agent Auction. Any player on the RTS when demotions are closed/locked for the year must be given a 4 year contract.   If a player is given a 1, 2, 3 or 5 year contract after being acquired in the free agent auction, they are ineligible.

g) Once this date has passed, no more demotions to the RTS will be allowed until the following year’s drafts begin.  For clarity, this means that any players gained through the waiver process is not eligible for the RTS.

h) Players on the RTS may be cut at any point, without salary cap penalty.

i) Once a player is activated from the RTS to the active roster, he is ineligible to return to the RTS.  This includes if the player is traded to another franchise or waived and subsequently picked up by another team owner.

j) Within 48 hours of being activated from the RTS, any player regardless of the length of years left on their contract, is eligible to be extended.

k) As per Free Agency rules, any player on the RTS whose contract expires on March 1 will be dropped.

l) Team owners have the ability to activate and sign RTS players from other franchises in the league to their own active roster, as long as those players were not selected in the first round of their rookie draft.

m) The team owner activating/signing RTS players from opposing franchises will pay the price of 2 draft picks to the franchise losing the RTS Player; 1 draft pick from the same round the player was drafted, 1 draft pick from the round higher than the player was drafted.

Example: The price for a RTS player drafted in the second round will be a 1st & 2nd round draft pick.

n) A team that is claiming the RTS player may give up earlier round draft picks than what is technically required if they do not have the exact round of draft picks available.

Example:   A 4th and 5th round is required but the team doesn’t have a 4th round, so it gives a 3rd and 5th round instead.

o) As per the logic described in the above mentioned rule, it’s not possible to acquire a player drafted in the 1st round via a RTS Activation Trade.

p) The price for RTS players selected in the auction will be as if the player had been drafted in the last round of the rookie draft (so 7th and 8th pick).

q) Only the next draft’s set of picks may be used for activating/signing RTS players from opposing franchises (not two drafts out, for example).

r) Activating RTS players from opposing franchises may only occur after the Dynasty Taxi Squad is closed each year and before the start of the next year’s Rookie Draft.  RTS activation is also closed during the trade blackout between week 12 and the end of week 16.

s) To activate RTS players from opposing franchises, the team owner must create a new message board post to the league declaring the transaction, listing the teams/player/draft picks involved, so all owners are notified. Please note that if a team owns multiple picks in the same round, they need to specify which one they are surrendering (their choice) in the message board thread.  If a team that is “purchasing” the new player owns multiple picks in the appropriate rounds, that team should specify which of these picks they wish to trade away.

t) The Commissioner will execute the transaction as a trade if the picks are valid, if all league fees for the pick years are fully paid and if all roster requirements are met.

u) The RTS activation trade will be declared null and void if all of the conditions in Section 11 m – t) are not met.

v) Before the commissioner decides if the RTS activation claim is valid or invalid, the RTS player being claimed cannot be promoted to the active roster, nor can another team make a claim on the same copy of that player.

w)  Any player acquired by a RTS activation trade will go straight to the active roster of the new team.

x)  Any rookie player acquired by a team must be demoted within 72 hours of that acquisition, or that player is no longer eligible for demotion.  The exception to this is the rookie draft, during which demotions are not required until 24 hours after the conclusion of the entire draft.  Furthermore, if any player is utilized in an actual lineup for a game (scoring 0+ points), that player is no longer eligible for demotion to the RTS.