Our Story

My Dynasty League (MDL) is a growing fantasy football community of serious minded fantasy football fans dedicated to competing year round in our dynasty leagues. Our most important goal here at MyDynastyLeague.com is to provide owners with a safe, enjoyable, challenging, and long-lasting place to compete and connect with like-minded fantasy football enthusiasts. We strive to evolve with the game and are always looking to utilize technology to enhance our fantasy football experience. We use Myfantasyleague.com (MFL) as it is the only fantasy football software with the customization abilities necessary to manage our leagues. In addition, we use LeagueSafe.com to manage our league funds as we believe LeagueSafe offers the most transparent and secure service for managing league dues/payouts. In addition, we use GroupMe to better connect with fellow league mates year round. GroupMe is a free Microsoft mobile group messaging app that allows us to stay connected from the comfort of our mobile phones/computers, making it easier to discuss league issues, trades, or just talk football. GroupMe has become a very useful tool in promoting higher league activity by making it much easier to connect. Finally, we use mydynastyleague.com to write football related articles and to share our football related podcast providing a truly unique atmosphere that you won’t find anywhere else on the net.

My Dynasty League (MDL) was originally founded in 2013 and is currently ran by Christopher M on a non-profit basis. Christopher M has been playing fantasy sports since the late 90s and after years of searching and joining failed dynasty leagues it became apparent that the only way to truly find the lasting experience he was looking for was to create it himself. Using his extensive experience from various leagues and searching the internet for the best methods available Chris combined his own experiences and the best ideas found on the net to create the ultimate dynasty leagues. At first glance you may think you have seen similar leagues to ours, but once delve into our league structure/bylaws and you join our community it quickly becomes apparent that there is NOTHING else out there in comparison to MDL.

Our leagues are salary cap auction leagues that utilize both a rookie draft and a yearly free agent auction. Our salary cap mirrors the NFL’s salary cap as our auction represents NFL free agency. In addition, our rookie draft mimics the actual NFL draft, providing the most realistic GM experience that one can find on the net. In addition to the rookie draft and auction we have several offseason activities such as franchise tag bidding, year round trading, unsecured transition tag bidding, various pools, mock drafts, making the offseason as exciting as the regular season.

Another aspect that makes our leagues so special is that they are designed to utilize all sides of the game (not just offense) as we put equal importance on IDP (Individual Defensive Players), special teams (Punter, Pount Kickers ect), and even Head Coach as we do on offensive players. One of the ways in which we accomplish this is by our unique scoring system which is proven to deliver importance to every position making a truly balanced lineup vital to success. One of the benefits to this is that it makes following football much more interesting and even routine plays like a punt now have renewed importance. Our leagues will truly enhance your viewing experience with football.

Our leagues are very inexpensive and can be joined for as little as $35 a season depending on the league, however we are not for the casual fantasy football fans. Managers who are not active year round will be removed from our leagues as we believe inactive teams ruin the experience for the active managers. However, if you are a serious minded football fan looking for a year round challenge and can commit the time to compete year round we would love to hear from you. Check back often and search through our orphan teams to see if one is the right fit for you.