Franchise & Transition Tags

Franchise & Transition Tags 

1)  During the off-season an owner may choose to retain 3 current season free agents by using the guaranteed franchise tag, franchise tag tenders, or transition tags. Head Coaches are not eligible for tagging.

2)  The commissioner must be notified by team owners of all recipients of the tag by March 31st unless otherwise specified by the commissioner via league message board.  This should be done through a new message board post, so it is visible to all other owners.

3) In order to qualify for a tag, the player must be on the final year of his contract. Tag eligible players can be traded before the March 31st deadline.

4) To be eligible to bid on a franchise tagged player, you must own the correct draft pick(s) compensation for each tender.

5) If a team chooses to do so, the franchise player will then be bid on by eligible teams via league message board.
6) A team may use no more than 3 of the 7 available tags in a season.