Code of Conduct

League Websites / Emails / Official League Communications – Our most important goal here at is to provide owners with a safe, enjoyable, challenging, and long-lasting place to compete with serious minded fantasy football. With that in mind any conduct that is considered detrimental to the league will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, post or emails that are harassing in nature, personal attacks or vulgarity in emails or on the message board, and any other form of behavior that is considered a “lack of sportsmanship”. The commissioner will use his best judgement in dealing with each issue individually.

Personal attacks – Any invasion into a manager’s personal life, attacks on family/friends/spouse of this individual, attacks on race, posting/editing personal photos, spewing personal information, religious attacks, or anything else that crosses into an individual’s personal space will be met with the harshest disciplinary actions and possible expulsion from all MDL leagues without refund.

GroupMe/ Social Media / Public Communications – While GroupMe is a very useful app that can enhance the league experience by allowing league members the ability to converse 24/7 365 days a year from their cellphone/CPU, it and other outside communications do have two key downfalls. One of these downfalls is that these cannot possibly be monitored 24/7 by the commissioner, unlike the league websites. It is to be noted that while the league commissioner will at times be available on communications such as GroupMe to answer questions, he will not regularly be monitoring the chatrooms nor will he review the chat logs every time there is a quarrel, and therefore will not necessarily involve himself in disputes outside of the league sites. This leads us to the second downfall. The second downfall is that the result of GroupMe bringing all these wonderful personalities together is it also gives rise to more opportunities for heated disagreements/trash talk between league managers. While friendly trash talk can be fun at times, it can on the rare occasion go overboard. Managers are encouraged to take every effort to work any quarrels out among themselves before going to the commissioner. The commissioner should only be brought into such quarrels that have gone extreme when things such as threats or safety concerns are apparent. Other than these rare extreme circumstances, Groupme, provides many tools for managers to protect themselves. For instance GroupMe has the option to ignore/mute someone, the ability to create new chatrooms and invite only managers you wish to socialize with, and private messaging. Managers may leave chatrooms in which they are uncomfortable with. GroupMe is not a requirement for MDL leagues and therefore managers always have the option to leave GroupMe altogether or limit themselves to chats that they are comfortable with. GroupMe is NOT considered an official league tool for communication. Public communications often allow for individuals to protect themselves and block unruly individuals and the commissioner cannot be held responsible for outside communications and will only step in when he feels it is necassary.

This does not mean that league managers are not responsible for what they say/do in GroupMe or any other communication service. Dangerous threats, vile racist behavior, personal attacks, or extreme vulgarity are subject to immediate removal from league at the commissioner’s discretion.


Responsibilities of Owners

Participation – Owners who fail to participate will be considered abandoned and new owners will be sought after.

  • It is the owner’s responsibility to participate in all league activities such as the rookie draft and free agent auction. Many league activities take place in the offseason.
  • Owners are responsible for responding to trade offers, emails from the commissioner or other owners in a timely manner.
  • Owners are responsible for taking part in league votes and debates.
  • Owners are responsible for periodically accessing the league site to keep up with league news.

Knowing the Rules – It is the owner’s responsibility to be acquainted with the rules and league calendar. Any questions or concerns should be brought to the commissioner’s attention.

Submit Weekly Lineups – It is the owner’s responsibility to submit weekly lineup. Failure to do so will not be tolerated.

Paying League Fees Timely – Owners are responsible for meeting the deadline on league fees. Any issues or concerns should be brought to the commissioner’s attention immediately.

Communication – It is the owner’s responsibility to communicate any problems or concerns with the commissioner and other owners.

Throwing Games – Losing games on purpose by failing to submit a normal lineup will not be tolerated.

Renting/Holding Players – Anytime a player is traded to a team with the original intentions that this player will be returned back to this team at a later date. This applies to all times during the season and offseason. This applies to but not limited to tagging a player for another team that has already used the maximim amount of tags allowed, holding a player for a team that is trying to avoid salary cap and/or roster violations, and trading a player to a team to use in a lineup for limited amount of time before acquiring a player back.

Collusion – Conspiring with other owners will not be tolerated. Examples of this would be renting players, dumping players, or owning multiple teams in a league. Collusion will result in immediate removal from the league without refund.

This Code of Conduct is to be bided by at all times by owners and will be enforced without exception. Failure to meet the Code will result in EXPULSION from league WITHOUT a refund

The Commissioners reserve the right to utilize the following options:

  • Deductions from overall and divisional point totals.
  • Loss of trading privileges for a specified or indeterminate period.
  • Loss of bidding privileges for a specified or indeterminate period.
  • Forced waiving of players.
  • Retrospective rejection of trades, with the possibility of forfeits declared for any affected games.
  • Make replacement draft picks
  • Loss of future draft choices.
  • Loss of chat board privileges.
  • Owner Suspension, with their team forfeiting games for the length of suspension.
  • Deduction of Salary Cap Money
  • Removing owner from team.
  • Any combination of sanctions deemed appropriate by the Commissioner.