Abandoned Teams

Abandoned Teams

How are abandoned teams handled?

a) Teams will be considered abandon when one of the following occurs:

  • The previous owner informs the commissioner that he is no longer willing to manage his team.
  • An owner is disqualified from the league for violating the Code of Conduct.
  • An owner does not log into the league website for a period of a month without communicating to the commissioner. The commissioner at his discretion may issue warnings.
  • Failure to submit weekly lineups in consecutive weeks.
  • Failure to participate in the rookie draft or free agent auction.
  • Failure to respond to commissioner warnings about lack of participation.
  • Failure to pay league fees.

b) The commissioner will submit lineups, draft, and bid on free agents when a team is abandoned.

c) Trading with abandoned teams will not be allowed.

d) Abandoned teams are not eligible for prize money.

e) Some or all of any forfeited fees from the previous owner will be used to attract new owners at a discount. The commissioner will make every effort to find replacement owners.

f) When a replacement owner is found he will be asked to pay the discounted first year fees and 100% of the next seasons fees so that he will be on the same advanced schedule as the rest of the league.

g) The commissioner reserves the right to offer special promotions to find new owners. The commissioner will take in consideration the state of the franchise when seeking out a new owner. A team that is more of a project will offer more of a discount.

h) Mangers taking over abandoned teams will be granted an additional amnesty clause to use in their first season.