With the NFL draft just around the corner and MFL down due to software upgrade, I thought it would be a good time to put together a little draft pool to make the draft next week a little more entertaining. This pool will be $10 to participate in and payouts will be announced 4/27/2016. I will accept applicants through the end of the day on Tuesday the 26th. Since this pool will include multiple leagues please fill out your answers on the survey included in this post. Please note that you must be registered with the site to view/take the survey.

The total points possible for this pool is (70).

(points possible)

This quiz is for logged in users only.

1) Correctly pick ten NFL teams first round draft pick selections (must be first pick in round). Points awarded as follows (30 points possible):
Teams picking 1–5 (1 pts. each)
Teams picking 6-20 (2 pts. each)
Teams picking 21-31 (3 pts. each)

Teams picking place will be as of their draft position on 4/27/2016. Any trades afterwards will not change how their draft position is scored.

2) Who will the Cowboys take with the 4th pick? (2)

3) Will Paxton Lynch be drafted in the top 20 of the first round (1). Where will he end up? (1)
4) Will Laquon Treadwell be the first WR taken? (1) Where will he end up? (1)
5) Will Ezekiel Elliott be drafted in top 10? (1) Where will he end up? (1)
6) How many WR will be drafted in the first round? (2)
7) Who will be the first player selected on day 2 of the draft? (3)
8) Who will be the first QB selected on day 2? (2)
9) Will Cardale Jones go on or before Pick 63? (1) To whom? (1)
10) Which round will Jaylon Smith go (1) who will draft him? (2)
11) Who will be the first WR taken on Day two of the draft? (2)
12) Who will draft Derrick Henry? (3)
13) The first pick of round 4 will be what position? (5)
Bonus 1:   Correctly Pick a team’s second round draft choice (must be their first pick in the second round). (3)
Bonus 2:   Correctly Pick one team’s day 3 selection. (7)


Contact me on groupme or thecommish@mydynastyleagues.com if you are interested in joining.

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